Politics of Leisure and Laziness is not the Politics of DAP

Politics of Leisure and Laziness is not the Politics of DAP

The DAP has brought into Malaysian politics a style which is marked by dynamism, activism and action. We have always been in the forefront in the championing of the rights of the people, and to fight injustices and wrongs perpertrated by the authorities that be.

The Politics of Leisure and Laziness is not the Politics of the DAP. It is vital and imperative that all DAP leaders and members should maintain the DAP style of politics.

There have been several lapses of late. A present instance is the case of the complaints by the people of Sungei Way, in Petaling Parliamentary constituency, in connection with the road signs in the village.

In areas where we have Members of Parliament and State Assemblymen, the DAP expects the MPs and SAs to take the initiative to articulate and act against every form of injustice.

DAP leaders must have political reflexes which make them always in the forefront of popular grievances, and not reflexes which are so worn-out that they are incapable of the customary knee-jerk reflex action.

There was a serious lapse in Ipoh two months ago, especially concerning the popular disgust as the mass public police machine gunning of several police escapees. On that occasion, the DAP failed to measure up to the responsibilities of the moment.

I am glad to note and record that this is no more the case with the Perak comrades. Last month, Sdr. Lim Cho Hock showed how quick political reaction and leadership to injustices committed by army assaults on civilians in Kampong Simee, Ipoh, could bring such atrocities to a halt, and live up to the expectations of the people.

Qualities of political leadership

One of the qualities of political leadership is the ability to plan ahead and anticipate. There is a need for greater consciousness by Party leaders and members, including State Committees and branch committees, to plan ahead. In this connection, I hope I do not have to repeat my suggestions, whether to State Committees, branches or individuals, about the various things that should be done. This is a time for great spate of political activity, and everyone should be able to carry out his assigned task, without the need for a supervisor.