An Open Letter to the People of Petaling

By DAP Parliamentary Candidate for Petaling, LIM KIT SIANG.

An Open Letter to the People of Petaling

I write this to ask you to vote for the DAP and the DAP candidates both Parliament and State in Petaling Constituency.

I started mu political involvement in Petaling Jaya itself from 1966 to 1969, when I was sent by the Party to stand in the Bandar Melaka Parliamentary constituency.

I have now been directed by the Party to contest the Petaling Parliamentary constituency.

Barisan Nasional leaders are going round the country declaring that I would be defeated in Petaling, the Director of National Front General Elections, Ghaffar Dada, said that I would lose in Petaling. I know that the Barisan Nasional is concentrating all its resources in Petaling to eliminate me fro Parliament, for I have been a thorn in their flesh for the last nine years. Whenever I stood up, the Ministers would get exited, not knowing which Minister would become the target of DAP target and expose.

I am not afraid to lose in Petaling Parliamentary constituency, for political leaders must be prepared not only to win but to lose. If I lose the Petaling Parliamentary seat, it will not mean the end of the DAP political struggle, for I would still have Parliamentary colleggues in the Dewan Rakyat to continue the DAP political battle.

A lot of lies and falsehoods have been said and printed by the Barisan Nasional in this short space of two weeks, I do not propose too dignify many of the falsehoods and lies which had been circulated – for I believe that the people are not as unintelligent as the Barisan Nasional seems to think.

I wish to apoligise to the people of Petaling Parliamentary constituency and the three constituent state assembly seats of Petaling Jaya, Serdang and Sungei Way that I habe not been able to make as many visits as I would like to do. The time is so short, and there are so may responsibilities to attend to, that I have been able to spend very little time in making constituency visits in the Petaling area. We in the DAP not only want to see the DAP succeed in Petaling, but also in as many areas as possible throughout the country.

After the elections on July 8, 1978, several branches in different sections in Petaling Jaya would be set up, not only to provide more intimate relationship between the Party and People, but also to provide more constituency offices where the people can seek for help or assistance in the event of any constituency problems.