Call on attacker on Lu Ting Yu to surrender himself to the Police

3. Call on attacker on Lu Ting Yu to surrender himself to the Police

The Malaysian Chinese community, and I am sure the entire Malaysian society if they are aware of it, is revolted by the despicable attack on Lu Ting Yu, Vice President of the Chinese Teachers’ Federation and Asst. Secretary of the Merdeka University project.

The people as a whole, I am sure, knows who is responsible for this despicable deed. I do not believe the person who attacked Lu Ting Yu really knows who he was attacking. But he has committed not only an offence, but committed a great wrong against the cause and movement for which Lu Ting Yu has given his life for – the cause of Chinese education and Merdeka University.

Last Tuesday, a youth saw me in my DAP Headquarters at about 6 p.m., and he said he was the attacker of Lu Ting Yu. He said he did not know he was attacking Lu Ting Yu, that he was very contrite after reading the newspaper reports he asked me what he should do.

I told him that if he was the attacker, then he should be man enough to turn himself to the Police, and face the consequences of his own action. By doing so, he would also be able to clear his own name, and make some recompense for the foul deed he has done.

After explaining to him further, he said he was prepared to turn himself in to the police and face the consequences, but he had something to attend to before he could do so.

He later agreed to meet me at 10.30 p.m., and then to turn himself in to the police. But at 10.30 p.m., he did not turn up.

I have doubts whether the person is genuinely the attacker, and whether the whole incident is something planted by those who are responsible for the attack on Lu Ting Yu.

In view of the fact that many different versions of what has happened is making the rounds, I am taking this opportunity to let the public know the facts.

I will here again call on the attacker to surrender himself to the Police and I am sure the entire society and people will appreciate his manly action.