From the SG’s Desk

DAP Political Offensive for the Eighties

The DAP is now on the eve of launching the Party’s Political Offensive of the 80s. this political offensive, aimed at winning over a even bigger number of Malaysians, needs the support, contribution and sacrifice of every party member, official, Member of Parliament and State Assemblyman, to ensure its success.

The success of this political offensive will determine whether the DAP will grow to be an even more powerful political force in the country, or whether our glorious days are already behind us. I believe that our finest days are still ahead, and let us, together, scale even greater heights.

The Political Offensive for the Eighties would involve three plane of activities, Ideological, organizational and publicity.

Publicity-wise, as you should be aware, we have resumed the publication of the English version of the Rocket. I will personally see to it that the Rocket comes out monthly and regularly, so that it restore its original position as a staple reading diet for thinking and serious Malaysians.

The KDN for the Chinese Rocket has not been approved yet. However, until the approval of the KDN, efforts will be made to come out with pamphlets to accompany the English Rocket. The first of this series of pamphlets in Chinese published by the Petaling Jaya old town branch has come off the press and should be sold and distributed to the public latest by the end of June. This is because the second of the series of pamphlets, to be published by Penang DAP, is scheduled to be ready by early July to coincide with the publication of the July Rocket (English).

Preparations are also being made for the publication of Bahasa Malaysia and Tamil party literature.

I do not need emphasis that while the headquarters take responsibility for the publication of party literature for dissemination to the public, States and branches must shoulder the responsibility to ensure the maximum sale and dissemination of such literature, and not allow them to store up in party and individual premises to collect dust.

In this series of ‘From S.G.’s Desk’, a regular communication again, I propose to report on the quantities taken, sold and paid by each state, to see which state is in the vanguard of action, and which state should be roused from sleep.

The Party is going to be on the move. We must all also to be on the move! The CEC is going to set a brisk pace. Can you, the States, branches and members, keep abreast?