From the SG’s Desk

‘Memo on Organisation’

Organisation will be central to our achieving our best results in the Eighties. Organisation has always been one of our weak departments. We have won elections in areas based largely on the Party’s mass appeal rather than on our organizational machine.

We may still be able to do so in the future – but if we are to secure optimum elections results, say, in the next general elections in 1982/3, then we need a first-class organization machine at national, state and branch levels.

In the Eighties, we must have a totally different concept and approach to the question of Organisation in the Party, and in this development of new Organisational concepts and techniques, all State Organising Secretaries and Branch Organisation Secretaries must be dynamic and innovative.

National Organising Secretary, Sdr. P. Patto, will initiate a new series of communications with States and Branches on organizational matters, patterned after the F.SG.D. series, with a view to constantly exchange ideas and notes on organizational matters to update and overhaul our organizational capability. This series will be under the title, ‘Memo on Organisation’.

In the meantime, all State Committees and Branches should begin to assess and evaluate how they could play a creative role in the Party’s Political Offensive for the Eighties.

Discipline in Party to be Tightened

All the Party’s proposed political initiative and offensive for the Eighties will come to nought if there is no discipline in the Party. Party discipline had been quite lax recently, leading to some instances of party deviations and even insurbordination.

The Central Executive Committee regards the restoration of discipline in the Party as another priority. A Party Disciplinary Committee, under the chairmanship of Sdr. Lee Lam Thye, DSG, will be responsible for imposing and maintaining strict discipline at all levels of the Party. The Disciplinary Committee will be fair but firm, and if heads have to roll, heads will roll! After all, political commitment is not like going for a picnic.