Resolutions at the DAP Selangor State Federal Territory Annual Convention held at the Chin Woo Stadium

Resolutions at the DAP Selangor State Federal Territory Annual Convention held at the Chin Woo Stadium, Kuala Lumpur on 1.8.80.


1. That this Convention expresses at deep concern at the ways the Government brushed aside the causes of demonstration by 10,000 paddy farmers in February this year at Alor Star, Kedah. Convention recognises that the causes of discontent and disaffection include the arrogance of administration, the complete lack of dialogues between the paddy farmers and the Government, the rising cost of rice production, the stagnant farm production, many of the farmers are landless tenant farmers who are susceptible to exploitation by the landowners, a paddy farmer today earns at least 20% less than he did five years ago.

Convention calls on the Government to pay greater attention to the genuine grievances of the paddy farmers especially their falling real incomes, and to review the roles and functions of Lembaga Padi & Beras Negara (LPN) so that effective measures can be taken to relieve their sufferings.

Economics and Financial

2. That this Convention is deeply shocked with the resolution of the Bumiputra Economic Conference calling for the raising of the Malay share of the equity capital from 30% to 51% by 1990. Convention also notes that UMNO Youth Leader Haji Suhaimi Kamaruddin stated on 3.7.80 that if necessary the non-Malay economic development must be regulated to pave the way for the Malay economic advancement. Convention strongly condemns the specter of rising extremism as mouthed by Haji Suhaimi and expressed at the Bumiputra Economic Conference.

Convention calls on the people of this country to fight against all forms of extremism. Convention also presses the Government to upload the Rule of Land and to take stern actions against all extremists so that our country can advance towards a stable and viable political democracy.


3. That this convention believes that the actual rate of inflation in this country is much higher than the 6% forecasted by the Government as shown by the spiraling house prices. Convention also notes that the latest 14-28% wage increases for civil servants (and 100% increases of Parliament and State Assemblymen) have aggravated inflation because one out of every seven Malaysian workers is a civil servant. Convention is aware that Government efforts or non-efforts to prevent hoarding, artificial shortages and excessive profiteering do not seen to have any teeth as shown by the apparent shortage of sugar, the rising cost of transport.

Convention calls on the Government (1) to review the rate of inflation so that It reflects the true situation in the country; (2) to institute effective anti-inflationary measures Prices Review Board monitoring prices of consumer goods as well as the effectiveness of the measures taken; and (3) these measures must be included in the 1981 budget which will be presented by the Finance Minister in October 1930.


4. That this Convention is deeply concerned about that the intake of Non-Malays into the five local universities continue to cause a great deal of anxiety, disaffection and discontent among the people in the country, and, the 1980 intake consists of 3398 (62.3%) Malays and 2056 (37.7%) Non-Malays.

Convention presses the Government to build two more universities under the Fourth Malaysia Plan fulfilling the manpower needs of the country.


5. That this Convention strongly deplores the call by UMNO Youth Leader Haji Suhaimi for the implementation of the 1961 Education Act article 21(2) which stipulates that the Education Minister is empowered to change national-type primary schools into national schools if and when he deems it fit to do so. Convention also strongly condemns Kelantan UMNO delegate Encik Jailani’s call to abolish national-type primary schools. Convention notes that after DAP Had lodged an official report against the abovementioned persons, hitherto the Government has not taken any visible action.

Convention calls on the Government to uphold the Rule of Law and to take appropriate legal action against Haji Suhaimi and Encik Jailani.


6. That this Convention notes hat Malaysia has only 1.8billion barrels of remaining recoverable oil reserves which, at the present rate of production of 280,000 barrels a day, oil last only 18 years. Convention also recognises that this country is 95% dependent on oil as the source of energy and that Malaysia has sizeable reserves of gas, equivalent to over five billion barrels of oil, and that there is enormous hydroelectric energy potential in Sarawak as well as large quaintly of coal.

Convention calls on the Government to adopt an effective conservation policy for oil and to develop alternative sources of energy such as gas, hydroelectric power generation and coal.


7. That this Convention strongly deplores the serious shortfalls in the housing target especially low-cost housing target as set out in the Third Malaysia Plan: Out of a revised target of 241,300 houses to be built under the TMP, only 65,936 or 27% were ready by 1978.

Convention presses the Government to have a Comprehensive Housing Scheme for low-cost houses so that more low-cost houses will be built to relieve the housing shortage and the spiraling prices of houses.