Membership Director and Membership Secretaries in each State

Membership Director and Membership Secretaries in each State

Pursuant to F.SG.D. 9/80, on the need to infuse “new blood” into the Party so that the Party has more men and women of conviction to help carry out the manifold programmes and activities of Eighties, the following two decisions have been taken:

1. Further to F.SG.D 12/80 on Organisation, all branches should take note that by December 31, 1980:
(i) no branch should have less than 50 members;
(ii) branches which as on 19th August 1980 have 50 paid-up members should not have less than 100 members.

2. A national Membership Director has now been appointed to specially take charge of membership expansion campaign, who will be assisted by State Membership Secretary appointed by Headquarters.

The National Membership Director and the State Membership Secretaries are not only responsible for seeing to it that guidelines (1) above are met by all branches by December 31, 1980, but spell out other guidelines so that there is both a quantitative and qualitative increase of membership. Membership will henceforth be taken out of Organising Secretary’s responsibility.

Sdr.P.Patto will be the first National Membership Director and the various State Membership Secretaries are as follows:

Penang: Sdr.Peter Dason
Perak: Sdr.Lim Cho Hock
Selangor/Fed.Territory: Sdr.Liew Ah Kim
Negeri Sembilan: Sdr.Hu Sepang
Malacca: Sdr.Chan Teck Chan

Membership Secretaries for other states would be announced in due course, and until their appointment, the State Organising Secretary concerned will continue to take charge.

Rocket Payment

Pursuant to F.SG.D. 6/80, on the new system with regard to Rocket distribution and payment, for the Second Issue of English Rocket, the position of the following six states which get monthly CEC grants based on State Assemblymen contributions are as follows:

August 1980 (2nd issue of Rocket)

State CEC GRANT Rocket Debt Set-off from Grant Balance due to Rocket

Penang $250 $625.00 $250 $375
Perak $400 $250.00 $250 –
Selangor $150 – – –
Sembilan $100 $150 $100 $50
Malacca $200 $125 $125.00 –
Penang State Treasurer should immediately on receipt of this F.SG.D issue a cheque of $375 to Rocket A/C, as is also the Negri Sembilan State Treasurer a cheque of $50.

Perak’s take of Rocket is too few in comparison with the support and potential existing in that State, and the State leaders should hold an urgent meeting to immediately increase the number of Rockets every month – which I hope I could report in future F.SG.Ds.

Selangor State Committee should also give this matter urgent consideration. At present, for Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur, Rockets are being taken for the purpose of supplying the news vendors – but this does not mean that the State Committee and Selangor/FT branches have no responsibility to take their share of Rocket to sell them. Selangor/FT should not fall too far behind Penang in taking the number of Rockets each month.

The Selangor State Committee should rationalise this matter with a sense of urgency.

Second Chinese Booklet

The second Chinese booklet in the Cabinet Education Report, printed by Penang DAP State, is being sold at 35 cents to State/branches, and priced at 50 cents for the public.

A total of 25,000 copies have been printed. In keeping with the political offensives of the new era, Penang State is taking 10,000 copies, leaving 15,000 copies, out of which 3,000 copies have already been allocated.

States should placed their orders with Sdr.Seow Hung Khim or Special Assistant to Secretary-General, Sdr.Tai Sin Piow, or Ag.National Publicity Secretary, Sdr.Dr.Tan Seng Giaw as early as possible.

This is an important booklet and States/branches which are serious about partaking in the Party’s New Offensive of the Eighties should prove it by the number of such booklets which they take, sell and pay to the Party.

The third Chinese booklet on the Suhaimi Affair’ is in the final stage of preparation.

A Tamil pamphlet has been printed, costing the States $40 per $1,000 copies. Orders should be placed with Sdr.Dr.Tan Seng Giaw or Sdr.Tai Sin Piow.

The Bahasa Malaysia pamphlet is now with the printers.