A memorable visit to Sarawak

A memorable visit to Sarawak

My visit to Sarawak for five days had been a most memorable trip. Sarikei DAP Branch celebrated its 2nd anniversary with a variety show-cum-political speeches with an unprecedented crowd of 4,000 to 5,000 paying people. The next day, in Binatang, on 25th August 1980, the turn-out was also good for the 2nd anniversary celebrations of variety-show-cum-speeches.

Sibu DAP Branch’s second anniversary celebrations of all political speeches held a solid crowd at Grandeur Restaurant, Premier Hotel, which was reminiscent of the Sarawak general elections excitement.

The climax was Kuching DAP Branch’s first anniversary 1,000 people dinner-cum variety show at Kuching Turf Club. Although Kuching could not compare with Sarikri even Sibu in terms of crowd turn-out and support, or compare with Sarikei in terms of getting the recors-breaking figure of over $7,400 for a Dutch auction, Kuching DAP’s celebration was a fitting climax of the Sarawak trip because of the following reasons:

1. Kuching DAP Branch organisation and morale had all along lagged behind other Sarawak branches. The standard of organisation, dedication and performance exhibited at the Kuching DAP Branch showed that Kuching DAP Branch was coming of age.

2. DAP has always great potential in Kuching, and our problem was how to tap this potential. The Kuching first anniversary celebrations demonstrated that this DAP potential in Kuching is coming on-stream.

All in all, the Sarawak visit had been an exoilarating one, and DAP Sarawak leaders and comrades must be commended for their high morale, solidarity and commitment which promises great things to come for the DAP in Sarawak.

Although the Sarawak is only two years old, our comrades in Sarawak have done a few things which branches in Penisular Malaysia can emulate:

(i) Appointment of a State Social and Cultural Secretary, Sdri.Shyu Lee Hwa, to be responsible for co-ordinating social, cultural, recreational and sporting activities among branches in the State. Sarikei, Sihu and Kuching have made good starts in cultural activities – which excel overwhelming majority of DAP branches in Peninsular Malaysia. After seeing the strides made in Sarawak on cultural activities, I feel the time has come to revive the Party’s idea of a Cultural Bureau to organise cultural activities at all levels – culminating in a National Rocket Night.

(ii) Sarikei DAP branch has a Works Brigade which will go to the assistance of members in time of need. For instance, a member or his family are indisposed, the Works Bridge would be mobilised to harvest the pepper on behalf of the member’s family. Such an idea should be incorporated into branch programmes in Peninsular Malaysia, especially as we are converting ourselves into a mass party with mass membership.

DAP leaders at all levels and State and branch committees must give deeper thought to the implications of our converting into a mass movement. Apart from the question of risks of infiltration from communists, communalists, crooks and cover-up Special agents (the Four CS), a mass movement must have a whole variety of cultural, social, education, recreational activities apart from political talks and activities.

For a mass movement to succeed, members of all ages, particularly the young, must be able to come into the movement to fully commit themselves and find outlets for cultural, social and even recreational interests.

As an upshot of the Sarawak visit, four important programs have been fixed for Sarawak end of this year:

Dec.26: Official Opening of First Sarawak DAP Training Camp to be held in Kuching.

Dec.27: Sarawak DAP Training Camp.

Dec.28: Sarawak State Convention.

Dec.29: DAP Dinner in Miri, to be accompanied by inauguration

Dec.30: Bintulu DAP Branch Anniversary Dinner.

One-Day Seminar on Fourth Malaysia Plan on Saturday, 18th October 1980

A One-Day Seminar on the Fourth Malaysia Plan would be held in Kuala Lumpur for MPs, State Assemblymen and CEC members on Saturday, 18th October 1980.

The Programme is as follows:

9 a.m- Official Opening by Chairman Dr.Chen Man Hin.
9.30a.m-11a.m- Paper on “Politics of Fourth Malaysian Plan” by Lim Kit Siang, followed by discussion.
11a.m.-1pm- Paper on “Forth Malaysia Plan: Economic Problems, Prospects and Projections” by Dr.Tan Seng Giaw followed by discussion.
1p.m.-3p.m.- Luchoon talk by special guest.
3p.m.-5p.m.- Paper on “Housing under Fourth Malaysia Plan” by Sdr.Lee Lam Thye followed by discussion.
7.30p.m-9.30p.m- Paper on “Education and Fourth Malaysia Plan” by Sdr.Chan Teck Chan folled by discussion.

The Central Executive Committee will meet on Saturday, 18th October 1980 from 5p.m.-7p.m.

The organiser of the one-day MPs, SA Seminar on the Fourth Malaysia Plan will be the DAP
Parliamentary Whip, Sdr.P.Patto.


The following new readings have been prepared to help party cadres in their political discussion of the ideology of democratic socialism:

Readings (4) The History and Tenets of Democratic Socialism – by C.A.R. Crossland.

Readings (5) Evolutionary Socialism – by Eduard Bernstein.

Readings (6) Principles of British Socialism – the Labour Party.

The next set of readings will be on “North – South Relations”.


Further to F.SG.D.6/80 dated 10th July 1980 on the new system of Rocket responsibility, State Treasures are hereby notified that they must pay up their English Rocket outstanding sums for the third issue of the Rocket (July/August issue) by the first week of September, failing which State which enjoy CEC monthly grants will again have these sums set-off.

The fifth issue of the English Rocket should be printed by before the beginning of the second half of September 1980.

Acting Secretary-General

On 9th September 1980, I will leave for Australia and New Zealand on a political tour to meet Malaysian students, Malaysians who have emigrated there to work and to attend the Asian-Pacific Socialist Organisation Excutive Council meeting in Wellington.

I will be back only in the first week of October. During this period, Sdr.Lee Thye will be Acting Secretary-General and it is the Acting Secretary – General’s task to see to it that the Culture Revolution without Red Guards started in June is kept up in momentum.

If necessary, the Acting Secretary – General will send out instructions through ‘F.SG.D’ series.