What is the rental of the MPMT Bachang building and who is the landlord?

By Parliamentary Opposition Leader, DAP Secretary- General and MP for Kota Melaka, Lim Kit Siang, in Malacca on Wednesday, 7.8.1985

What is the rental of the MPMT Bachang building and who is the landlord?

The Melaka Tengah Municipal Council has rented a new block of 3 ½ – storey shop- lot in Bachang to extend its office space. I have been informed that the MPMT is paying rental for the now Bachang office at a rental well beyond the market rates.

According to my information, the MPMT is paying a monthly rental of over $4,000 a month for the 3 ½ -storey shop- lot in Bachang when the rental for similar lots is less than $2,000, and comparable rental is around $1,000 a month for a three- storey shop- lot in Melaka Jaya.

The Malacca ratepayers have a right to know the actual rental the MPMT is paying for the MPMT shop lot, the terms of the rental and who is the landlord.

Berita Awam would be sued 100 times if it makes 100 defematory statements or articles

Many people have asked me and party leaders and members about the front-page article of the 2nd August 1985 issue of Berita Awam.

I had earlier instituted legal action for defamation against a libelous article in Berita Awam. In response, Berita Awam seems to have decided to launch a full- scale character- assassination against me, and the August 2 article is the first and best example, where lies and falsehoods are used without any thought for journalistic ethics.

I have referred the August 2 article of Berita Awam to my lawyers for the necessary legal action to be taken, either to a new defamation suit, or to use it to demand aggravated damages in my first suit.

For many years, I had been the target of character- assassination and baseless attacks in the Berita Awam. I want publicly to warm Berita Awam that I have decided to fully defend myself henceforth, and would institute legal action for every defamatory statement or article in the Berita Awam against the Editor, the Publisher and the Printer (Tamil Malar Sdn Bhd).

If Berita Awam publishes 100 defamatory statement or article against me, then I would sue the Editor, Publisher and Printer of Berita Awam 100 times.

The Berita Awam must realise that bpress freedom does not mean the ‘freedom to character- assassinate and to defame reputation and character’ of any person who is not in the Tan Koon Swan MCA camp which is behind the thrice- weekly.

Selangor Government should scale down the $10 million Silver Jubilee celebrations

The Selangor State Government should scale down the $10 million Silver Jubilee celebrations in connection with the rule of the Selangor Sultan to set the proper ‘Leadership by Example’.

The Federal and State Governments would have a very poor case in rejecting the CUEPACS’ claim for better wages for government employees on ground of economic stringency if the Selangor State Government could spend $10 million on the Silver Jubilee celebrations.

In fact, not only the Selangor Silver Jubilee celebrations should be scaled down, the National Day celebrations which is estimated to cost $4 million should also be scaled down. Greater emphasis should be given on promoting the national spirit and national unity rather than on expensive extravaganza.