DAP forms a national committee headed by Dr. Tan Seng Giaw to plan and organise nation-wide memorial meetings in the memory of Lim Lian Geo

by Parliamentary Opposition Leader, DAP Secretary-General and MP for Kota Melaka, Lim Kit Siang, in Malacca on Sunday, 22.12.1985:

DAP forms a national committee headed by Dr. Tan Seng Giaw to plan and organise nation-wide memorial meetings in the memory of Lim Lian Geok

The DAP Central Working Committee, at an emergency meeting in Petaling Jaya yesterday after the funeral of Lim Lian Geok, has set up a national committee to plan and organise nation-wide memorial meetings to commemorate the spirit, sacrifice and struggle of Lim Lian Geok.

This national committee will be headed by Dap National Vice Chairman and MP for Kepong, Dr. Tan Seng Giaw, and comprises:

Chairman: Dr. Tan Seng Giaw
Deputy Chairman: Chan Kok Kit, MP for Sungei Besi
Vice Chairmen: Chian Heng Kai, National Organising Secretary
Loke Swee Chin, DAP Wanita Chairman
Secretary: Liew Ah Kim, National Publicity Secretary
Asst.Sec: Tan Lian Lim (Deputy Johore DAP State Chairman)
Members: Lai Keun Ban, Malacca Assemblymen for Durian Daun
Hu Sepang, Negri Sembilan Assemblyman for Rahang
Lim Ong Hang, Pahang State Chairman, DAP
Kan San Chuan, Kelantan
Ling Sie Ming, MP for Sibu

The DAP Central Working Committee also formed another national committee to carry out nation-wide protest campaign against the non-publication of the Ahmad Nordim BMF Inquiry Committee’s final report as promised by the Prime Minister and Finance Minister repeatedly.

The DAP BMF report protest campaign will carry out various types of protest activities, including the holding of 100 protest public meetings in January and February 1986.The committee, headed by DAP Deputy Secretary-General , Sdr.Lee Lam Thye, DAP MP for Kuala Lumpur Bandar, comprises:

Chairman: Sdr. Lee Lam Thye
Deputy Chairman: Sdr. Fadzlan Yahya, DAP Assemblyman for Pasir Bedameer,
Vice Chairmen: Sdr. Lee Kaw, National Treasurer
Sdr. Gooi Hock Seng, MP for Bukit Bendera
Secretary: Sdr.P.Patto, DAP Deputy Secretary-General
Asst.Sec: Dr. Oon Hong Geok, Wanita DAP National Secretary
Members: Lim Tuck Chee, Asseblyman for Raub, Pahang
M. Kuppusamay, Assemblyman for Rasa, N.S.
K.S.Song, Johore DAP State Chairman
Fung Ket Wing, MP for Sandakan
Chia Kee Teck, Malacca State Organising Secretary.

MCA and Gerakan Youths show that they are just ‘puppets’ of UMNO Youth

It has not escaped notice that the Gerakan and MCA Youth had issued statements calling for the publication of the Ahmad Nordim BMF Inquiry Committee’s final report, only after the UMNO Youth Leader, Anwar Ibrahim, had expressed the view that the report should be made public.

Recently, Anwar Ibrahim seemed to have changed his mind, as the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamed, has shown from his complete silence his displeasure at making the BMF final report public.

As Anwar Ibrahim has changed his mind, it is not surprising that Gerakan and MCA Youths have also quickly backtracked and changed their minds too. This explains for the statement by Anwar Ibrahim that the Barisan National Youths will now wait for the Bank Bumiputra’s legal board to decide on the BMF final report first. This is a big shame not only on Anwar Ibrahim, but also on Gerakan Youth and MCA Youth.