Challenge to Dr.Mahathir to spell out the consequences if Barisan Nasional does not get two-third parliamentary majority in general elections, and not to indulge in the politics of fear

Press Conference Statement by Parliamentary Opposition Leader, DAP Secretary-General And MP for Kota Melaka, Lim Kit Siang,, in Kota Kinabalu before leaving for Labuan for a political ceramah, on Wednesday, July 9, 1986 at 11 a.m.

Challenge to Dr.Mahathir to spell out the consequences if Barisan Nasional does not get two-third parliamentary majority in general elections, and not to indulge in the politics of fear

The Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Dr.Mahathir Mohamed, said in Kota Kinabalu yesterday before returning to Kuala Lumpur after a two-day visit that the Barisan Nasional would continue to govern the country even if it cannot retain a two-third parliamentary majority, but it cannot be held responsible for the ‘consequences’.

I challenge Dr.Mahathir to spell out clearly what are the ‘consequences’ and not to indulge in the politics of fear.

It is apparent from speeches by Dr.Mahathir, Deputy Prime Minister, Ghaffar Baba, MCA President, Tan Koon Swan and Gerakan President, Dr.Lim Keng Yaik, that the Barisan Nasional leaders have started their campaign to try to frighten the Malaysian voters by reviving the spectre of another May 13.

I am glad that the Inspector0General of Police, Tan Sri Haniff Omar, said two days ago that the Police would not allow another May 13 to happen. In any event, I call on Dr.Mahathir to state clearly whether he means another May 13 when he talk about the ‘consequences’ which he said the Barisan should not be held responsible.

The Prime Minister should set the example to all Barisan Ministers and leaders by declaring clearly to the voters that they have the democratic right to choose whichever party of candidate they like, and that all political parties would accept the verdict of the people, instead of uttering ‘dark threats’ about ‘consequences’.

The coming general elections will be a test whether the Malaysian voters could be cowed by the tactics of fear and intimidation. The Sabah voters had proved twice that they cannot be browbeaten by undemocratic threats, It is time for voters throughout Malaysia to give the same message in the coming general elections, to prove that democracy in Malaysia has taken firm root!

The DAP suggests the convening of an All Party Leaders Round-Table Conference before dissolution of Parliament for every political party to make firm commitment that they will respect the democratic verdict of the people, pledge that they will not resort to the politics of fear, blackmail or thuggery to frighten the voters from exercising their voting right, and prove that they are democratic forces dedicated to the healthy growth of our democratic system.

PAS must withdraw its two conditions before DAP will agree to any Opposition Front

The DAP will not agree to any Opposition Front unless PAS withdraw its two pre-conditions about an Islamic State and Islamic leadership for the opposition front.

The DAP did not attend Monday’s meeting called by PAS because we were informed at the last minute about the meeting, and all our leaders were fully committed with party activities.

Another issue which must be sorted out about the United Opposition Front is who are to be its members. For instance, the DAP is not prepared to have anything to do with the PAS Chinese Consultative Council (CCC) which represents no one, not even PAS, but is an opportunistic grouping who are supporting the concept of an Islamic State without understanding what it is all about.

The CCC is neither a political party nor even a legal or recognised wing of the PAS. It is neither fowl nor fish, The DAP is not prepared to give the CCC any legitimacy or standing. The CCC members should either join PAS as members, if they believe in PAS’ concept of an Islamic state. The problem is that they do not qualify as PAS members, for they will not be admitted into PAS. Alternatively, they should form a political party, with the declared political platform of supporting PAS’ Islamic State.

Call on the BBS Government to reduce assessment rates in Kota Kinabalu and elsewhere to relieve the economic hardships of the people

Together with DAP Mp for Sandakan, Fung Ket Wing, Chian Heng Kai, and Dap leaders and members in Kota Kinabalu, I revisited the Kota Kinabalu market this morning.

I remembered that when I visited Sabah in 1978, I was accused by Datuk Harris Salleh, the then Chief Minister, of being ‘communistic’ for visiting market, taxi drives and the common man!

I do not apologise for my actions, for we in the DAP believe in being close to the people. Harris Salleh has new fallen because he forgot the common man.

During my visit, I received complaints about the constant power breakdown in the market. The Kota Kinabalu Municipal authorities should take urgent action to resolve this problem.

I also received complaints about the high assessment rates in Kota Kinabalu which were introduced two years ago, but which had only been sight by reduced despite elections promises by the PBS government.

I would urge the Sabah Chief Minister, Datuk Joseph Pairin Kitingan, to give this matter serious consideration. After all, it was Kota Kinabalu which suffered the brunt of the March unrest, leading to the imposition off curfew in the state capital for the first time in history.
The people of Kota Kinabalu suffered greatly in standing up for PBS, as a result of the spate of illegal demonstrations, bomb blasts, arson and rioting.

Kota Kinabalu people deserve special consideration by the PBS Government and one way of the government showing its appreciation is to further reduce the assessment rates for Kota Kinabalu, which in any event are too steep and exorbitant.

I hope the PBS Government can act on this DAP appeals on behalf of the people of Kota Kinabalu.