MCA Membership Drive

The DAP Organising Secretary, Mr. Lim Kit Siang, today (3.9.68) issued the following statement:

The MCA launched a membership drive yesterday to get 50,000 new members in the next three months.

Earlier press reports disclosed that the MCA is spending more than $30,000 on this campaign, $10,000 of which will be used as prizes for people who can recruit the most members.

In other words, the MCA is spending about $1 to get one new member.

The MCA is a party of big-money tycoons, and they can afford throwing away thousands of dollars.

This is a good occasion for the hundreds of thousands of unemployed in Malaysia to find relief. Some of them should join the MCA immediately, round up all the other unemployed, who run into hundreds of thousands, and claim the $10,000 prize money.

In launching the membership drive, the MCA Acting President, Tan Sri Dr. Lim Swee Aun, declared that the future of Malaysian Chinese lies with the MCA.

The MCA openly and unashamedly declares itself as the champion and saviour of Chinese language, culture and interest in Malaysia.

After 12 years, what has the MCA achieved?

These are what the MCA has achieved for the Malaysian Chinese:

1) Chinese language is not allowed to be used in Parliament, State Assembly and government correspondence.

2) The Chinese language has ceased to be a medium of instruction and examination in the education system.

3) Nantah and Formosan university degrees are discriminated against and continue to be unrecognised by the government.

4) The Merdeka University had been condemned by the Government.

5) No multi-lingual sub-titles in television programmes.

6) The appointment of a non-Chinese speaking MCA President.

7) A Malay Regiment, where Malaysian Chinese are barred.

8) Treating Malaysian Chinese as non-bumiputras and therefore second class citizens.

The DAP accuses the MCA of having betrayed, not Malaysian Chinese interest, but Malaysian interest, because the MCA is responsible for the increasing racial misunderstanding in Malaysia, which had allowed racial riots in Penang to happen.

To join the MCA is to join a corrupt, decadent, racialist and incompetent party, which can only bring disaster to Malaysia, as the MCA is opposed to language, cultural, social, economic and political democracy and equality.

Audited on 2021-04-21.