Reprieve of death penalty of two Perak youths

The DAP Organising Secretary, Mr. Lim Kit Siang, today (3.9.68) issued the following statement:

The hopes and prayer of humane Malaysians have been answered with the reprieve of the two condemned youths in Perak, Mohamed Sidin and Mohamed Noor bin Login — by the Raja Muda of Perak.

The country owes the Sultan of Johore, the Raja Muda of Perak and the Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman, a debt of gratitude for their ability to respond to the wishes of the people.

The long-protracted battle to save the lives of the 13 condemned by Malaysians of all races, religion and walks of life, has ended in success. This is the triumph of human decency in Malaysia.

The mercy campaign proves that if Malaysians unite and rally behind a worthwhile cause, they can succeed despite strong opposition from influential quarters.

It is fortunate that Malaysia is not full of Bernard Lus, who are completely heartless and devoid of social conscience, who relish to see the 13 condemned hung at the gallows.

In the darkest hour of the campaign, there are people like Mrs. Lee Cheng Lai of Johore Bahru, who despite disapproval from powerful circles, devoted all her time and energy towards the cause of mercy and compassion.

It is people like Mrs. Lee Cheng Lai who have the courage of their convictions, who greatly contributed to the present outcome of the campaign.

The Bernard Lus would want Malaysia to be known throughout the world and for all times as a heartless, callous and uncivilised nation. It is the Mrs. Lee Cheng Lais who redeemed Malaysia’s image in the world as a nation of humanity, compassion and mercy.

Credit must also go to the Malaysian press whose coverage mobilised the forces of humanity and decency, and played a crucial part in saving the 13 condemned.

This is an example where the press can play a decisive, and crucial, part in preventing Malaysia from embarking on an ill-advised, ill-considered and unjustifiable course in defying national and international opinion to grant mercy.

Malaysia is today a more wholesome nation, morally. All Malaysians have a right to be proud that we have emerged from our national crisis of conscience a more decent and civilised people.

Audited on 2021-04-21.