DAP offers to put up MCA posters free of charge

The DAP Organising Secretary, Mr. Lim Kit Siang, today (6.9.68) issued the following statement:

The MCA membership drive chairman, Mr. Lee San Choon, was reported in the Straits Times today as describing the DAP Poster War with the MCA as a “panicky and jealous act.”

Mr. Lee wants to mislead himself and the public. The DAP is the least concerned about the MCA membership drive to spend $30,000 to get 50,000 new members.

In fact, the DAP has called on the hundreds of thousands of unemployed in Malaysia to join the MCA, because the $10,000 which the MCA is giving out as prize-money, will come in handy and useful as relief money for the unemployed.

Mr. Lee boasts that the MCA has got 15,000 new members and that more than 80 per cent of the adults in the rural areas have already joined the MCA. We are happy that the MCA leaders sound so happy over their political future. Judgement Day is coming soon with the approaching general elections, and we will all know the truth very soon.

The purpose of the DAP Poster War with the MCA is to expose MCA claims in the posters, which are not borne out by facts and results. We want to show up the true colours of the MCA as a decadent, corrupt, effete, incompetent and reactionary party.

There should be no reason why the MCA is so upset by the DAP’s Poster War. If they have superior arguments and reasons, then they will get the people’s support. We in the DAP are prepared to be of help. The DAP offers to put up MCA posters free of charge. We promise not to claim a cent of the $30,000 which the MCA is spending on this campaign.

We in the DAP are convinced that the more the number of people read the MCA posters, the more votes the MCA will lose. If the MCA disagrees, then we invite them to send MCA posters to DAP Headquarters, and we will paste them up for them, side by side with DAP Posters.

Audited on 2021-04-21.