DAP calls for inquiry into detention and confiscation of film of Utusan Melayu photographer

DAP calls for commission of inquiry into detention and confiscation of film of Utusan Melayu photographer

The DAP deplores in the strongest terms the high-handed action of the police and army in detaining for over two hours a Utusan Melayu photographer, Enche Daim bin Abdullah, who was discharging his duty as press photographer, and in confiscating his film, at the Jalan Gurney recruiting centre yesterday.

This is a clear case of abuse of police and security powers. Police and security powers are not meant to allow the police and the army authorities to censor and obstruct the work of journalists from exposing their inefficiency and incompetence. Police and security powers, like detaining people, are meant to be used with utmost discretion, and only in cases where it can be justified.

Otherwise, a dangerous precedent will be set whereby the police and the army can willfully detain people for no other reason than that they don’t like their faces.

This is a serious incident, and the Ministers of Defence and Home Affairs should immediate institute a commission of inquiry into the incident, to mete out suitable punishments for the persons concerned, and to prevent similar recurrence of the affair.

This is also a matter which should concern all journalists, because it is a blow to freedom of the press. All journalists, their journalists’ union and newspaper managements should take up this case vigorously to protect the freedom of journalists to report national events.

Audited on 2021-04-21.