Bukit Bintang- A base for the Malaysian Malaysia crusade

Speech by DAP Organising Secretary, Mr Lim Kit Siang, to the Pudu DAP Branch on Monday, 6th January 1969 at 8p.m.

The General Elections, which might be held as early in March, will be the first serious test for the Democratic Action Party since the formation less than three years ago.

The DAP was formed by the idealistic Malaysian who grouped together to bring about radical changes in Malaysian Society, to wipe out poverty, discrimination, corruption, racial prejudice and feudalism.

Unlike other political parties, the DAP is a tightly-knit organization with a collective leadership united on all decisions and policy issues.

This is the secret of the unity, consistency, and coherence of the DAP since its formation.

This qualities are necessary if the DAP is to become a movement, capable of challenging the very basis of Alliance power over a period of time.

We in the DAP are conscious of the fact if that the Alliance cannot be toppled in one year or two years, or in just one general elections. It will take several years, but whether it take five, ten or fifteen years, we in the DAP are resolved to continue the crusade for a Malaysian Malaysia until victory is ours.

What the DAP wants, therefore, are long-distance runners, and not short distance sprinters, who lack the stamina, resolution and dedication to see the struggle to the very end.

The Alliance will continue in Federal power in the 1969 general elections what we in the DAP plans to do is to win several Parliamentary seats, and more number of State Assembly seats, and establish them as bases for greater victory in subsequent elections. We also want to deny the Alliance in the process, its two-third majority to change the Constituency.

In our plan, Bukit Bintang is to be the one of the important bases of the Malaysian Malaysia crusade after he 1969 general elections, as we are confident that Bukit Bintang will be the constituencies which will return a DAP Parliamentarian in the general elections.

The message and cause of a Malaysian Malaysia is no stranger to the people in Bukit Bintang, as nearly 7000 voters of Bukit Bintang voted for the Malaysian Malaysia crusade in the 1964 general elections.

In this battle to win Bukit Bintang for the DAP, the Pudu DAP Branch will have to play a key role.

To prepare DAP members for the forthcoming general elections, the DAP will be holding a series of election seminars throughout the country.