An Open Letter and Invitation to the people of Sungei Way.

Dear Fellow Malaysians of Sungei Way,

I wish, personally and on behalf of the DAP, to thank all of you who had supported and voted for the DAP in the recent Serdang by-election, and upheld the cause for a Malaysian Malaysia.

Although we did not win, we have laid the basis for certain victory in the coming general elections.

The campaign for a Malaysian Malaysia has just started. The new Malaysian nation we all want is one where there is equality and justice for all races and classes, where there is no first-class or and second-class Malaysian citizens by dividing them into ‘bumiputras’ and ‘non-bumiputras’ ; where no one races, languages and cultures through a ‘one nation, one language, one culture’ policy; where any child can go to school and learn, be taught and examined in his mother tongue where every worker, farmer, hawker, landless and the poor are cared by the government.

But whether we succeed in achieving a Malaysian Malaysia will finally depend on whether there are enough Malaysian men and women of idealism and courage who are prepared to join other like-minded Malaysians to defeat the forces of racialism, feudalism and corruption.

We are fighting for a Malaysian Malaysia, not only for our own selves, but for our nation, our children and our children’s children. For we must all do our utmost to make this country of ours a better, more equal and more just place to live in, for ourselves, our children and our children’s children.

My part and I are greatly encouraged by the warm response and support the people of Serdang, and the people of Sungei Way, have given to the DAP and the cause for a Malaysian Malaysia.

I urge idealistic and courageous Malaysians in Sungei Way to join the DAP and add their energy, strength, ideas and convictions to our struggle, to ensure that although the struggle may be long and arduous, the final victory must be ours – because we stand for right, justice equality and truth.

The DAP will be holding a meeting at the Sungei Way New Village DAP Branch, 630 Main Road, on Saturday, January 11, at 7:30p.m. for me to thank all DAP supporters and voters, and to discuss ways to step up the Malaysian Malaysia campaign in Serdang, particularly in Sungei Way.

The meeting is open to all Rocket supporters, members and non-members. I earnestly invite you and your friends to attend the meeting for a free exchange of views and ideas.

Thank you again for your help, and I look forward to meeting you this Saturday at DAP Sungei Way Branch at 7:30p.m.