Alliance-PPP Coalition in Perak.

Speech by DAP Secretary-General and Member of Parliament for Bandar Melaka, Mr. Lim Kit Siang, at the Papan DAP Branch in Batu Gajah Parliamentary Constituency on Sunday, 16th April 1972 at 7 p.m.

Alliance-PPP Coalition in Perak.

We read in today’s papers Tun Abdul Razak announcement that the Alliance and the People’s Progressive Party have agreed to form a coalition Government in Perak.

It is said that this coalition between the Alliance and the PPP is in the interest of national solidarity and unity.

In Malaysian politics, the phrase ‘national unity’ is being used to cover a multitude of sins and justify even the most unprincipled political actions.

The people in Malaysia, and in particular in the Kinta Valley of Perak who had provided the support loyally and consistently all these years to the PPP, feel a deep sense of betrayal and moral outrage. Their disappointment and disillusionment is all the more intense after the SUPP sell-out in Sarawak and the Gerakan sell-out in Penang.

The late D.R. Seenivasagam would never have agreed to a coalition between the Alliance and the PPP just for a seat or two in the State Executive Council.

I know some of the reasons which made the PPP take this coalition step. One of the most compelling reasons is the PPP fear of the Alliance take-over of the Ipoh Municipality. The PPP fear that with the loss of Ipoh Municipality, which has been their political life-line, the PPP is doomed politically.

If I were in the PPP, I would prefer, if necessary, to end my political life honourably than to prolong it a little longer in dishonor.

The principles a party stand for should always be larger and greater than a few seats in the Municipality or the State.

That was why, although last year, DAP leaders were offered Ministerial positions, the DAP rebuffed these offers – because for us, political principles and political interest of the people and the future generations are more important that personal positions or office.

What has degraded Malaysians politics in the last two decades had been the selfish pursuit of politicians, not for political principles they espouse, but for political position and office regardless of their political principles.

The DAP now stands alone to champion the cause for a genuine multi-racial, democratic socialist Malaysian Malaysia.

The DAP leadership is determined and dedicated enough to continue, undeterred by the lack of political conviction will and stamina of other parties, to bear any burden and undergo any test to fight and achieve for Malaysians a more just and equal, more democratic Malaysia.

The DAP will expand into all areas in Perak, to effectively organize and mobilise public opinion for the continued struggle for a Malaysian Malaysia.