DAP condemns five cents increase in sugar price

DAP condemns five cents increase in sugar price

The DAP condemns the government’s approval of five cents increase in the price of sugar, which has further increased the hardships of the much-suffering kampong people, the farmers, estate labourers, new villagers, town workers.

We particularly deplore Tun Tan Siew Sin’s approval of the sugar price increase, after my colleagues and I in the DAP had warned the government not to give in to the demand of the sugar manufacturers to increase the price of sugar.

Sugar is a basic essential commodity, which every person cannot do without. Its price should be kept as low as possible, and the government should look into all possible measures to bring down the price of sugar, through the elimination of profits by sugar manufacturers at the consumer’s expense.

Last year, the sugar manufacturers made millions of dollars in profit. With the increase of sugar by five cents, the sugar manufacturers are again assures of millions of dollars of profit.

The DAP calls on the government to direct the sugar manufacturers and factories to open their accounts, and their operations, to a parliamentary team to investigate and satisfy itself that these five-cents increase are justified.

To Tun Tan Siew Sin, and to the rubber barons, timber tycoons, the MCA capitalists, five cents increase in a kati of sugar is a light matter. But for the poor, who are hard-pressed to keep their families together, the five cents increase in a kati will be the last straw that breaks the camel’s back for many.

The DAP reiterates its condemnation of the government approval of five-cents increase per kati of sugar, and demand that the government repeal this five cents increase, and take measure to rationalise the sugar industry in Malaysia towards reducing the price of sugar for Malaysian consumers.

Tun Tan Siew introduces the 5% Sales Tax three months ago. He has now allowed a five cents increase in the price of sugar. It is clear that Tun Tan Siew Sin does not know what is poverty, hardship and the misery of the poor.