Parliament Questions

DAP Member of Parliament. Lim Kit Siang, will ask the following questions when Parliament meets from July 17 to 26:

1. To ask the Prime Minister to state whether the Government would permit Malaysians to travel freely to the People’s Republic of China, as to other countries with which Malaysia has diplomatic relations, without having to get clearance by the Special Branch and immigration authorities, as a further step to break down the ‘barriers of spirit and mind, of misunderstanding and misapprehension’ and restore the traditional friendships between the peoples of Malaysia and China.

2. To ask the Prime Minister to state
(i) whether the question of the 200,000 – 300,000 stateless persons of Chinese origin in Malaysia was over discussed with Chairman Mao Tse Tung, Premier Chou En Lai or any other Chinese leaders during his six-day visit to the People’s Republic of China, and if so, to give a report of the nature of such discussions;

(ii) and whether the Malaysian Government would confer Malaysian citizenship status to those among these 200,000 – 300,000 stateless persons who were born in Malaysia or had spent the major part of their lives in Malaysia, stuck roots on Malaysian soil, and have no intention whatsoever of returning or go ing to the People’s Republic of China

3. To ask the Prime Minister whether the government would permit the Bank of China to be re-established in Malaysia to ensure closer trade relations between the two countries, and to state whether this matter was discussed during his six-day state visit to China, and if so, with whom and to give details.

4. To ask the Prime Minister whether Malaysia has any intention to exchange envoys with North Korea and North Vietnam, giving details, and to state whether there had been any discussions with the officials of these two countries regarding this matter.

5. To ask the Minister of Home Affairs to state
(i) whether the Government would allow a free entry of books, films, tapes and records from the People’s Republic of China, now that diplomatic relations have been established between the two countries; and

(ii) whether the Ministry of Home Affairs have lifted the ban on books on China written by European and American authors, like “Red Star Over China” by Edgar Snow, and if so, to list the books on China which have been removed from the banned list following the establishment of diplomatic relations between Malaysia and China.