Five Questions for Low Sip Hon

by Parliamentary Opposition Leader and DAP Secretary-General, Lim Kit Siang, on 8th Oct. 1977:

Five Questions for Low Sip Hon

MCA Federal Territory Chairman and Deputy Minister, Mr. Lew Sip Hon, specially flew to Penang yesterday to call on the parents of the 14-year-old condemned boy, Mr. and Mrs. Lim Thuan Heng.

I have the following five questions for Mr. Lew to answer:

1. When Mr. Lew visited Mr. and Mrs. Lim, he brought along press men. Is this to get cheaper political publicity for himself and the MCA, or is it to create public awareness of the injustice of the death sentence on the 14-year-old boy and of the Essential (Security Cases) Regulations 1975 which is the direct cause of the 14 year old boy’s death sentence?

2. Why was the MCA not only in Penang but throughout the country quiet and silent when the 14 year old boy was sentenced to death by the Penang High Court on August 25, and why why did the MCA suddenly find its conscience and concern in October some five or six weeks’ later?

3. Does Mr. Lew Siph Hon agree that if he is sincere in his statement that in a civilized country, no matter what offences a 14-year-old boy had committed, he should never been condemned to death, that the Essential (Security Cases) Regulations 1975 which makes death sentence mandatory not only on a 14-year-old boy, but even if the boy is 8 or 7 year old, on conviction, is uncivilized and should be opposed. Is Mr. Lew prepared publicly and openly declare his opposition to the Essential Regulations? Is the MCA prepared openly and publicly declare their opposition to this Regulation also?

4. What is Mr. Lew Sip Hon and the MCA’s attitude and stand on the $1,500 fine inposed o n former Deputy Minister in Prime Minister’s Department, Dato Abdullah Ahmad, for unlawful possession of Browning automatic shotgun and ammunition while the 14-year-old boy is sentenced to death for similar offence?

5. Finally, as I have given notice to move a motion in the forthcoming meeting of Parliament to repeal the Essential Security Cases Regulations 1975, which make it mandatory to sentence children to death on conviction, is Mr. Lew Sip Hon prepared to declare publicly and openly his support, and the support of the MCA, for my motion?