Musa Hitam asked to investigate into alleations of improper conduct by top Johore police officers

Press Conference Statement by Parliamentary Opposition Leader, DAP Secretary-General and MP for Kota Melaka, Lim Kit Siang, in Seremban on Friday, 28.9.1984:

Musa Hitam asked to investigate into alleations of improper conduct by top Johore police officers

I have today written to the Acting Prime Minister and Minister of Home Affairs Datuk Musa Hitam, calling for thorough top-level investigation into allegations of improper conduct by top Johore police officers.

In my letter, I said that The Pio @ Teuh Kim Pio, 70, 0f Senggarang, Batu Pahat, Johore, had alleged improper conduct by top police officers in Johore when he lodged a police report in December 1983 about the disappearance of his daughter, and the identity of the man who had misled his daughter into immoral ways and living on her immoral earnings. The person’s father was alleged to be very close to ‘big shots’ in the Johore Police.

According to The Pio, although an inspector in Batu Pahat acted on his report and after a month- long investigation, went to Johore Bahru to arrest the person concerned, the inspector was immediately directed by the highest police authorities in the State to release the person. The inspector himself was given 24 honours’ notice to transfer out of Johore. Although the inspector successfully protested against being transferred outside the State, he was transferred to the Johore Bahru FRU.

Subsequently, a top Johore police officer went to Senggarang to take a statement from the Pio, but The Pio complained that the senior police officer was ‘hostile’ and abusive’. A June 1984 report at Bukit Aman, and three meetings with as ASP at Bukit Aman has resulted in no news about his daughter’s whereabouts.

In y letter to Datuk Musa, I stressed that The Pio’s allegations, casting adverse reflection of the conduct of top police officers in Johore, are very serious allegations especially as The Pio had made them in the forum of statutory declaration in the Batu Pahat court.

I made clear my intention to read out the statutory declaration made by The Pio naming names in Parliament in November if there is no satisfactory police explanation on the matter by then.

In my letter to Datuk Musa, I urged him to initiate immediate action to get to the truth of the entire matter.