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DAP welcomes signs of a more open government attitude towards Internet and the backing down of the obscurantist approach advocated by the information Minister, Datuk Mohamed Rahmat

71995000+08:0011b+08:00Sun, 05 Nov 1995 16:55:56 +0800 5, 1995 - 4:55 p11

CHOGM in Auckland should call on France to fully end its decolonization process in South Pacific by granting independence to South Pacific islanders who are currently under French rule

71995000+08:0011b+08:00Sun, 05 Nov 1995 16:54:58 +0800 5, 1995 - 4:54 p11

DAP must “Reform or Die” to face the new political challenges of a 21st century Malaysia

71995000+08:0011b+08:00Sun, 05 Nov 1995 16:53:46 +0800 5, 1995 - 4:53 p11

DAP calls for the further modification of the Education Bill 1995 to ensure that the five worries of the Seven Chinese Organisations have been fully taken into account and its publication before presentation to Cabinet.

71995000+08:0011b+08:00Sun, 05 Nov 1995 16:52:51 +0800 5, 1995 - 4:52 p11

Why are modems excluded from the budget reduction for computer products?

61995000+08:0011b+08:00Sat, 04 Nov 1995 16:51:56 +0800 4, 1995 - 4:51 p11

Defence Ministry should either introduce a compulsory national service or it should drop its idea of selective national service and the government should set a target date to end the three-year requirement compelling doctors to do national service

61995000+08:0011b+08:00Sat, 04 Nov 1995 16:50:26 +0800 4, 1995 - 4:50 p11

DAP supports Malaysia’s stand to focus on the French nuclear at the CHOGM meeting and proposes that CHOGM send an independent international commission of scientists to study the impact of the French nuclear tests on the environment and health or the South Pacific islanders and the eco-system

61995000+08:0011b+08:00Sat, 04 Nov 1995 16:49:40 +0800 4, 1995 - 4:49 p11

Telekom must not be allowed to impose charges on local calls according to time used to subsidise its reduction of tariffs for international trunk calls to fight cheaper international trunk tariffs provided by “call-back” service providers

51995000+08:0011b+08:00Fri, 03 Nov 1995 16:48:36 +0800 3, 1995 - 4:48 p11

Call on police to respect the emergency of a civil society and to stop harassing Irene Fernandez of Tenaganita

51995000+08:0011b+08:00Fri, 03 Nov 1995 16:47:25 +0800 3, 1995 - 4:47 p11

Ekran should not be allowed to start work on the RM15 billion Bakun dam project by beginning work on the three diversion tunnels for the Balut River this month before it had made public its Bakun Biomass removal plan.

51995000+08:0011b+08:00Fri, 03 Nov 1995 16:46:09 +0800 3, 1995 - 4:46 p11